According to the Official Virapets website; A Virapet is a creature that is based off of real or mythical creatures, or even those that combine real creatures with things such as trees, rocks, other animals, etc.

Fictional History:Edit

The Creatures of Therica where originally created by seven deities, who where created by the 'One' Deity, the great loin, Abba. Out of the seven one of them, the beautiful deity, Vira, created the wild creatures that would roam about and help the other deities and help them excel at life. They where then placed all throughout the world of Therica and they grew and multiplied, eventually coming to the many different types of Virapets you see today.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

In the original Virapets! Game (TCG) the player ordered and customized up to Four Virapets. They could battle them, train them, and even feed them. This is the first of the Virapets! Company about nine years ago.

Originally Virapets! name ideas where... Mega-pets, Virus-pets, Manga-pets... Then finally to Virapets! Which went along with the history of the creation of Therica which was made nearly three years later. (See: Creation of Therica)