Even the trees in Therica live and breathe… and in some cases even move... a rare few even have faces! The trees seem to be one of the rare types of creatures in Therica that have a direct connection with the Never-realm without even trying, for they are connected to the Nymph who are in turn connected to them, one cannot survive without the other. (See: Teachings of the ???) These trees should not be confused with those that are not living breathing beings and those that are simply a part of the earth and nothing more.


Defining TreesEdit

As in our world there are many different types of trees, pine, willow, etc. and each attribute to the different personality types of each type of tree. Here is a list of the types of trees you might come across:

- Ancient Tree – These, like the Forest Trees, are incredibly old, some even older than the oldest [Albian]! Many of these have faces and tend to talk in an older dialect and often in an ancient, forgotten, language.

- Forest Tree – The rugged trees of Therica tend to be older and wiser than those of its younger kind, as these trees have had centuries to think and solve life’s mysteries.

- Weeping Willow – This sad natured tree type tends to sob and cry when no one is around.

- Tainted Tree – These trees are colored in purples, grays, and blacks and should never be trusted, you never know when one of these twisted trees will simply pull you into the ground to your death!

Actions and AttackingEdit

Trees have a unique way of interacting with the world around it, often times they use their roots (hidden beneath the earth) to grab something or someone, sometimes to tap a shoulder or to get a drink of water from a nearby pool. These roots can also be used to attack, much like an octopus’ tentacles.

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