A Virapet Tamer is a common character class similar to that of a Summoner, but instead uses a Virapet from the Over-world instead of creatures from the Never-realm. The Tamer will find, adopt, or buy a Virapet (usually only one) that he or she likes, and will train, feed, and care for that Virapet and use it for a variety of purposes.

The TamerEdit

Most Tamers are young, ranging from twelve years of age to about seventeen, however there have been many Tamers that are older (and younger) than this. The Tamer will carry around a large book which is vitally important to the Tamer and his or her Virapet. The book will usually contain various information on their pet as well as facts about other abilities, element types, and powers of other Virapets, as well as many blank pages for the Tamer to add in their own entry into the book.

The Tamer usually wears flowing robe-like clothes as well as capes and cloaks, there are also many variations from this, but all seem to keep a similar style.


  • A pet – Someone to take care of and love!
  • Contests – Training a Virapet for races, beauty contests, etc.
  • Defense – To defend its owner against any wild creature or those of ill intent.
  • Work – A tamer will teach the pet to accomplish different tasks, such as cleaning, plowing, pulling, traveling, etc.


The tamer has been or plans to be in various projects for the Virapets Universe, as well as the Virapets Tamer Game which has yet to be released.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

A Tamer was originally what the player was in the old Virapets Pet Game. The player could have four Virapets (which where cards). They would have to care for them, and feed them. Then the player could do different things with thing, the most popular being battling them against other players to see who the better tamer was!

After the revamping of Virapets the Pet Game was put on hold until the other Virapet related projects where started and mostly finished. The Virapets Tamer Game is planned on being re-released Fall of 2010 with new stores, types of Virapets (custom), games, plots, as well as many other things. It has also been reported that each player will receive their own tamer book to carry.

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