In the world of Therica, weapons are very common, and each era of Therica harbors a new breed of weapons. However, as the years progress, the weapons become less and less focused on the artistic and mystical sides of the weapons, but of the quickness and effectiveness of them. But very unique as well. Some of the ancient ones even lived and breathed, as well as talked!


Swords are a basic, and common, weapon, but with many variations.

Basic Swords:Edit

Tyr Swords:Edit

Tyr Swords are large swords which are a balance between a brute and lightweight weapon. They are durable and can deal a lot of damage. However, your stamina will run out quicker than with a basic sword.


Caliber are ancient swords where elemental life was almost literally breathed into them as they where carefully placed together and crafted by skilled workers.


Blunts are a form of brute combat commonly used in close combat in order to knock out several enemies at once or to subdue them nearly instantly.


Scepters are commonly used by elementalists, element users, or by imitators. They are commonly used as focusing tools so that an elemental stone can be fired or manipulated into the correct place.

  • Common Scepter - A basic (and slightly sloppy) scepter wielded by many amateur elementalists. This staff usually has a slot atop it for the element stone to be inserted.
  • Launcher Scepter - A weapon shaped similarly to a gunna, except longer and can double as a walking staff. These are used to fire a blast of elemental energy in a certain area.


Gunna is the word used for both ancient cannons, bows, as well as pistols and variations on the olden weapons.