Oakino (Oak-ee-no) are the puppet race who tend to be on their own and are not often seen around Therica.

Oakino Painted

A Male Oakino


The most obvious trait for the Oakino is the fact that they are made of wood. The secondly that they have a large pack strapped to their backs that attach (via strings) to the limbs of the Oakino. Their eyes always glow with a certain color (usually by what element type they choose to come in contact with) and move about like a normal creatures.

'X' Pack:Edit

The 'X' pack on their back is their source of life, and if it is destroyed then the Oakino will die. Also, if the string is cut from the Oakino it will loose life in that limb, if all strings are cut the Oakino dies. The strings can extend and draw in as far as the Oakino desires, allowing for easy moblility whenever needed. The 'X' pack can also be used as a shield, riding board, and other various things and can be replaced as many times a neccessary.

About the Race:Edit

It is said that the Oakino are animated by the souls of a tree after they are cut down, of course, this is not confirmed in anyway. In fact, no one knows were they are from or what they really are. The Oakino tend to stay to themselves but do enjoy observing other people and imitating their movements, as such Oakino make excellent bards and dancers, thus the fact that they where captured and sold as slaves in the early ages of the world. Later they where considered beings with a thought process and given the right to move about and live as they please.

Original Island:Edit




An Oakinos live usually in secluded areas such as forests or woods in order to stay away from the outside world. Due to their long life and durability, they usually are placed outside of a dungeon or temple to protect it from anyone who might attempt to steal what is inside. There are many who simply live in the forests as raiders and drop from the trees onto their victims and steal away their priceless artifiacts in order to sell them.


During times of war they would actually enjoy simply avoiding the conflict all together, however, if it is neccessary they will avoid exposed combat at all costs and tend to rush up on their opponent for a surprise attack.