Daughter of the Trees PaintedSMALLER

Concept Art for Nymph

A Nymph is bound to its birth Tree for life, if either dies both die. Such is the law of nature. A Nymph will merge itself into the trees and the tree will create a protective web of vines and moss to cover it, though you can still see the shape of the body and the face of the Nymph out of the tree.

Connection to the Never-realm:Edit

Nymphs are a good example of the co-existance of the two different realms. The tree can not survive without the Nymph, and vise versa.

Common Questions and Theories:Edit

How does the Nymph tear the fabric in the dimentions in order to get into Thericas realm? And how does the Nymph survive for their entire life in the Over-realm without fading away?

Well, there are many many theories for this, the most popular being that the tree serves as a portal between the dimentions, one that only the Nymph herself can see and use, when the Nymph merges itself with the tree, and because the common theory is that the Never-realm and the Over-realm are essentially mirror worlds, the Nymph enters the Never-realm and will thus not fade away.

Many wisemen and teachers of Therica use the reliance of the Nymph and the Tree as an example of the need for unity between the nations, while others use it to prove the theory of the Never-realm. Though many still deny the existance of the Never-realm, it is becoming more and more of a popular belief amongst Thericas people and is even becoming a part of their popular culture.