The Never-realm is the world that exists side by side with Therica. The realm is where the sun is always setting, and time seems to stand still. Others claim that the realm has a constant hum that seems to echo across the land.

There are rumors that say that the Virapets were descendants of the creatures of the Never-realm... others seem to think they the two realms never intertwined... It really is a matter of opinion. While the Virapets themselves seem to be a strange race, even stranger creatures come from the realm, some deadly, some not so deadly.

A summoner of the Therican realm must know how to pin-point the creature they want, then tear the fabric between the two realms in order to summon the creature, it is even more difficult to summon the correct creature and takes years and years of training and hard work to achieve.

Something that should be noted is that when a creature is summoned into the realm (or vice versia) and the creature is in the realm for too long, they dissolve into billions of pieces and drift away, and no one knows where they go.

Life in the Never-realmEdit

There is life in the Never-realm beyond the creatures that are summoned commonly. Though little is known about them, there has been few instances where a humanoid was summoned into Therica. One person of note is Tenten Deek, a 10 heart card from the Royal Deck Family, she was accidentally summoned into Therica.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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