Moot Painted GREEN


Moot was created by Abba as a messenger to the creatures of Therica to the Deities. But Moot had an extreme mind of his own, filled with fun, food, and mischeif... and soon was banished from the Holy Realm and cast down to Therica, where he was locked away in a special cage on top of a secret mountain for a thousand years.

Moot was found and set free, where he is now able to cause loads of trouble for all of the inhabitance of Therica. However, he always comes through for his friends and allies in a time of need or trouble... thus he has some since of love and kindness for people.


Moot is a free spirit, traveling anywhere the wind takes him... Never staying in one place for too long.


Once, he rescued a strange yellow creature from a horrible tribe of Goblins, who where going to eat the poor beast in order to gain immortality... Moot attacked them and saved it, naming him 'Steed'. They soon developed a close friendship and never went anywhere without each other.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight
  • Air Manipulation
  • Orb Sheild
  • Suns Cry (A powerful blast that destroys anything the beam is set upon.)
  • Eating anyone out of house and home.