The pointy-eared race, originating in Manu where the seperating group in Great Divide of the Albians, when a conflict between the Albians upon weither the powerful and corrupting Shadestones should be used in order to gain more power in their race.

Malbian Painted

A Malbian Male



Malbian Racial Symbol

The most obvious trait is their skin, which is basically made up of a starry skyline. Their eyes are always has abright yellow pupil and the rest a light purple. Malbians are renowned for their grace and mastery of the arts and weapons such as the sword and bow. Becoming physically mature by the age of twenty-five and emotionally mature at around 105 , they are also famously long-lived, capable of living more than three-hundred years and remaining physically youthful. Possessed of innate beauty and easy gracefulness, they are viewed as both wondrous and haughty by other races.

The Malbians retains the trait for their Albian brethren, the long pointed ears, which just out to the sides of their head.

They are slightly taller than the average human (who do NOT appear in Therica), Malbian are also noticeably more slender and graceful, averaging between 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet and 95 to 185 pounds.

Males are slightly more muscular on average, there is little difference in height between the sexes.

Their features in general may be described as more angular and defined; including long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. They do, however, have a reputation for careful grooming, more so than perhaps any other race. This frequently extends to their clothing, which is luxurious and well-kept, though not to the point of impracticality.

Malbians grow physically weaker and mentally stronger as they grow older, and accumulate a glow from the strength of their souls as they age, which makes for an eerie, yet magical appearance about them.


After the Malbians seperated from the Albian culture, they fled to the dark caves and hills of each island, letting the power of the shadestone alter their appearances and corrupt their beliefs until they began a twisted brooding race only seeking power. So they then began building a power hungry culture in the caves and living their for several hundred years. However, they eventually awakened the Ra'atikan, who where angered that the caves in which they resided where taken.

Many battles where fought for ownership of the caves, but eventually the Malbian were driven out and dispersed across Therica.


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