Kaun of the elder forest is a heroic roaming Priape known for his strength and will in battle, yet a kind, warm, and charming heart. He is easily recognizable by his pet ferret Bzzu who rides upon his broad shoulders.


Kaun was long ago a great warrior for his tribe, but he decided to take the journey most young Priapes take in order to begin their own tribe. Kaun journied out into the forests with his grandfather (a Silverback) and soon came across a large tree with a strange pattern in its grains, his Grandfather told him to knock it down. Kaun raised his mighty arms and smashed down at the base of the tree, and after nearly five hours of working Kaun had uprooted the tree, which fell to the ground. His Grandfather then gave Kaun his blessings and his tribe took the tree and fashioned it into a large mace, in which Kaun carries around with him on his huge shoulder. Shortly after, Kaun began his travels alone.

During his travels he met Bzzu, who was captured by a strange horde of Goblins, who apparentally wanted to eat the ferret. Attacking the horde and smiting nearly half of them with his massive mace before they scurried away, Kaun released the ferret, who seemed to wish to stick with Kaun as payment for the Priape saving his life. After some time Kaun realized he enjoyed life as a traveler and began to travel around Therica with his ferret partner, seeking adventure and defending the good wherever he went, hoping to soon make a name for himself as a great warrior.