A Goblin (G-ah-buh-lin) is a greedy, crabby, or mischievous creature. They are often described as a grotesquely disfigured gnome. In some cases goblins have been classified as constant annoying little creatures somewhat related with the fairies, a label in which they hate. They tend to sit on the shoulder of a Burnakk whispering into its ear and tricking it to do its bidding.

Goblin Painted



Goblins stand at approximately the same height as Gnome, sometimes shorter. Goblins have small, yellow, almond shaped eyes, huge feet, green skin and a sharp and flat nose that is nearly non-existent and long pointed ears. They usually have a mischievous sharp-toothed grin which they flash when they are enjoying their mischievous antics. They are relatively humanoid and wear clothing; some even have thin black hair.

About the Race:Edit


Goblin Racial Symbol

Honestly, the Goblin are much to weak to defend something themselves, so they must rely on a bigger, much stupider race. Enter the Burnakk. These creatures are quite dumb most of the time, and are easily manipulated, thus the Goblin take advantage of this and use them to accomplish their means.

Burnakk and Goblin Alignment

Burnakk and Goblin Allied Symbol

If they do not have a big lumbering oaf around they will swarm together in large hordes at attack as one, with hundreds of their kind attacking in unison, eventually the enemy will fall, no matter how many die in the process.

Peace and War:Edit

Wither in peace or war, the Goblins motivations are simple. Stir of trouble; get their boney hands on as much gold as possible. In their twisted minds, money equals power, and power is what they most desire. Surprisingly, these creatures keep their word, as long as it involves money. So they can easily be bought off by any person seeking to keep them off of their backs, maybe focus on someone, or whatever. They are not really evil; they are whatever the one with the most power (or money) is.

Favored Occupations:Edit

In recent ages the Goblin began to favor the art of Machina, enjoying the abilities to make themselves bigger and stronger with a simple machine. They are small, and this makes their hands nimble and able to fit into small places, making them wonderful tinkerers.

Notable Goblins:Edit

(None yet.)

Fur/Skin Colors:Edit

Goblin Colors Big

Goblin Skin Colors

  • Pale Blue
  • Pale Red
  • Pale Brown
  • Pale Green
  • Pale Yellow
  • Pale Black