Dwende are elemental beings (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Energy, [[_]], Light, Darkness) that have come to life for some reason or another and usually reside in the place where their element is most present. (Eg: A fire Dwende will reside in a fireplace.) They are usually about the size of a quarter and are often mistaken for fairies because of their colored glow.


A Dwendes personallity is simple, as if that of a child, and they can easily be convinced to do nearly everything, sadly, they can too accidentally harm someone because of their apparent lack of knowledge of their power. However, they can also be quite mischevious and tend to want to play tricks on those that are around them, they also hate Dwende of an opposing alignment.


A Dwende is quite useful in every day life. They can kindle a fire, wash dishes, provide temorary elemental control, and make for an interesting conversation over tea.

Behind the Scenes:Edit

The Dwende where originally the 'Balleo' which was a seed-type Virapet in the Virapets pet game. Now, of course, they are no longer considered a Virapet, but instead an item and almost a seperate being.