Delkil (Dell-Kill) have been living in the cave-like mines of Therica they have become hunched and walk in a gorilla-like fashion. Contrary to popular belief the crystal-like protrusions on their forearms are actually apart of their body and being stronger than diamond the arm is completely unbreakable, allowing them to break through solid rock with their bare hands. Their four arms allow for them to support themselves on the ground and endure long whilst mining. Their tiny legs cannot endure too much work for too long, forcing them into a gorilla like stance in order to walk for much longer.

Delkil Painted



The first and most obvious thing about the Delkil is that they have four arms. This allows them to have doubled the endurance while they mine for Therica’s precious minerals. Their forearms are made up of a crystal/diamond-like material that is nearly unbreakable, allowing them to bust through solid rock, walls, or nearly anything else! They have tiny legs and their beards are made up of a similar rock that their arms possess.

About the Race:Edit

The Delkil are excellent miners because of their natural mining arms and are a great asset to Therica’s economy. Delkil enjoy eating rocks of various types as well as stronger meats and such. They are generally good-natured but they are rather gruff and don’t tend to enjoy the other races.

Original Island:Edit

The Delkil are originally from the island of Manu.



A Delkil’s life revolves around their working in the mines, but on occasion they will take the time to celebrate their lifestyle, breaking out strong drinks and loads of food. Of course, being so endurable they can party all night long with little rest. They also enjoy games that test their strength, such as boulder throwing, rock breaking and other various things such as this.


Even though they tend to be put off-ish to many of the other races they will always be there for their allies. Because they are so strong and have four arms they can hold four medium weight weapons and once.

Obviously because they really cannot form a large, fast moving army they usually tend to be separated into various armies as a ‘tanker’ of sorts as a front line wrecker.

Fur/Skin Colors:Edit

Delkil Skin Colors

Delkil Skin Colors

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue